Alternative Income Sources: A Mason in Venezuela Interview

Today’s interview is on a Venezuelan mason that works for a video game e-commerce site to make money. Nexus lives in Venezuela where inflation of local currency has caused the economy to face a standstill. Video game economies have allowed people like him to make a living by acquiring dollars, which can be converted to local currency.


It all started a year ago, on July 2017 when I was contacted by the owner of a rs gold sites, I previously worked with him on another business, so I didn’t have to think twice to accept him on this new opportunity, first week of work was very exciting, everything was new to me and I was learning a lot of new things which always have interested me.

Basically The point of having a RuneScape gold site is buying and holding the gold while people from all over the world come to your website and buy it, at first I made a few mistakes, delivering some extra gold because I was confused with the numbers, I had to make my own excel spreadsheet to keep track of every sale, that excel spreadsheet continued to grow and now days we use it as our system that stores the stock amount that we have, the sales, the fees generated, the profit, disputes and payouts automatically with just a few entry data on it.

The site I work for is, now days I’m still improving my ways to make the customers pleased, I’ve worked on faster delivery methods, faster verification methods, the hardest thing at the moment is making the customers leave feedback after the gold is received, most of them just collect their gold and go on their way, now days is a calm job, with some upsets by customers that have their head in their asses, but they are a rare exception, 99% of them are good persons that often talk with me.

There’s some stress involved because there’s the possibility that Jagex ban our accounts since it’s against their terms to sell gold, In 5 years of business we never had a customer complain about a ban, Jagex tends to bans the gold sellers, not the gold buyers anyway. The second week of working on we lost a significant amount of gold, which caused me anxiety and I wasn’t sleeping very well, I ended up in the hospital because I wasn’t able to sleep due being afraid of just losing the money that I was trusted with. That fear is over now, every day I get up, excited to bump the sythe threads and meet new people on the livechat.

My job as a livechat agent is to provide this gold stored in our accounts to every customer that comes into our website, it’s basically like I’m the cashier of a retail shop, I also manage the suppliers that come into our website to sell their gold, always trying to maintain a profit margin so we are able to grow as a whole.

I’ve learned about online payments such as PayPal, G2A and Zelle, and I was introduced in this new world called crypto currency which is the fastest way to buy or sell gold, RuneScape is a popular game, played by tons of people every day, and it’s actually fun! Like every other MMO, making friends in this game is possible, and I find it very interesting that you can stake your gold and have an adrenaline rush in front of your computer.

Thanks to this job I’m able to make a few bucks to live and send money to my family. Thanks for reading, have a good day, see you at

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